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Period Style Picture Layout
by Eastman Kodak Company
Materials Needed
  Four classic pictures
  12" x 12" Gold Plume paper by Anna Griffin
  12" x 12" Black Plume paper by Anna Griffin
  Cardstock in tan and black
  Black mulberry paper
  K & Company stickers – antique black photo corners and borders
  Hermafix double-sided adhesive squares
  Antique-style lettering via lettering template, or use a computer for font types and print
  1. Take your pictures back in time
Take color pictures to a KODAK Picture Maker and follow the on-screen directions to make 4" x 6” reprints and two 5" x 7" enlargements. In the Edit function, choose Print Sepia-tone. This will give you pictures with a wonderful, timeless feeling.

Create an elegant backdrop
Trim the Gold Plume paper slightly and mat it on black cardstock, leaving a small edge on all four sides. Repeat for the second page of the layout.

Cut three strips of tan cardstock to 1/2" x 111/2". Mat each on black cardstock. Attach one strip to the top of one of the background pages, 1/2" from the top. Attach the other two strips to the bottoms of both background pages, 1/2" from the bottom. Decorate the strips at the bottom edge of each page with black and gold square stickers.

  3. Frame your photos
Use the black and gold stickers to create a border around the focal picture. Place a square sticker on each corner. Mat the focal picture on tan cardstock, then mat it again on black cardstock. Affix the picture to the left side of the left layout page at a slight angle.
  4. Title the layout
Look for a typeface with an antique look, using either a lettering template or a computer and printer. Print your title onto tan cardstock and cut it into a rectangle. Mat the title block on black mulberry paper. Wet the edges of the mulberry paper with a wet Q-Tip, and tear it away for the frayed look.

Now mat the title block in the center of a 61/2" x 4" piece of Black Plume paper. And mat it again on black cardstock.

Cut small strips of tan cardstock to put along top and bottom of the title within the block. Attach photo corner sticker for accents. Finally, affix the title block to the background paper.

  5. Add the finishing touches
To complete the right side of your layout, attach photo corners on the other 5" x 7" picture and mat it on tan cardstock. Affix it to the background paper on the left side of the page.

Cut the two accent pictures into squares and mat them on tan card stock. Mat both pictures on a single piece of Black Plume paper, then mat it again on black cardstock. Affix these to the right side of the page.

Complete your journaling on tan cardstock. Cut out the journaling block and mat it on black mulberry paper. Again, wet the edges and tear away at them to create a feathery, frayed look. Affix this block to the background.

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