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"Daddy and Me" Valentines Layout
by Eastmen Kodak Company
Materials Needed
  Your favorite Daddy and daughter picture
  12" x 12" red cardstock
  12" x 12" Scroll Dark design in Deep Red by Making Memories
  12" x 12" Scroll Light design in Deep Red by Making Memories
  Green marbled paper by K & Company
  12" x 12" light pink vellum by Paper Garden
  Green and pink mulberry paper by Printworks
  Black lettering stickers – David Walker by Colorbook
  Calligraphy 11/2" lettering template by ScrapPagerz
  Green and red wire by Artistic Wire
  Red heart button by Hill Creek Designs
  Hermafix double-sided adhesive squares
  Mini Pop-Dots by All Night Media
  Embroidery needle and pink embroidery floss by DMC
  1. Find a picture you love
Choose your favorite picture of daddy and daughter, and take it to the nearest KODAK Picture Maker. Touch the screen to start, and follow the on-screen directions to make a 5" x 7" print.
  2. Make your accent pictures
With the same picture on the KODAK Picture Maker, Zoom & Crop to feature your daughter’s face close up. Print two sheets of picture stickers – each sheet will include two different sizes of stickers.
  3. Begin your layout
Cut two 4" x 12" strips of pink vellum. Tear each along one 12" side for a rough, uneven effect. Adhere these strips along the bottom and left side of the red 12" x 12" cardstock.

Add layers
Cut two 3" x 12" strips of Scroll Dark paper and tear each along one 12" side. Adhere these strips on top of the vellum strips, lining them up along the bottom and left side of the page.

Cut one 3" x 31/2" piece of Scroll Light paper and tear along one 31/2" side. Adhere in the lower left corner, on top of the Scroll Dark paper strips. This is where the “Daddy’s Little” part of your title will go.


Create your title
Cut a 21/2" x 3" piece of pink vellum and tear along one 3" side. Place black lettering stickers on this piece, spelling “Daddy’s Little.” Using an embroidery needle and one strand of pink embroidery floss, make one cross stitch on each of the four corners to adhere the vellum to the lower left corner of the layout.

Flip a lettering template so the letters read backwards, and use pencil to trace the word “Valentine” onto the back side of the Scroll Light paper. Cut out the letters, mat them onto solid red cardstock and cut again, leaving a small border around each letter. Mat again on the green marbled paper and cut. Adhere the letters to the Scroll Dark paper strip along the bottom of the layout using Mini Pop-Dots to raise the lettering.

  6. Prepare the main photo
Triple mat the main photo and adhere it to the red cardstock.
  7. Make the bouquet
Cut a 4” x 6” piece of green mulberry paper to be the paper holding your “flowers” together. Fold the edges over in front to create a pocket.

Cut the KODAK Picture Maker picture stickers out in heart shapes and mat them on the various papers as shown in the layout. Adhere each heart-shaped “flower” to a piece of green wire to be a stem. (Double-sided adhesive squares will work.)

Place the wired “flowers” inside the mulberry pocket and tie with a ribbon. Tuck the end of the bouquet under the pink patterned paper along the bottom of the layout. Put adhesive on back of the mulberry paper to adhere it to the background. Put Mini Pop-Dots behind each “flower” to make them stand out from the page. Adhere to the page.

  8. Finish with a heart accent
Cut a heart out of the Scroll Light paper. Mat it on red cardstock, then pink mulberry paper. Fray the edges of the mulberry paper by wetting it in a heart shape with a wet Q-Tip. Attach a red heart-shaped button to the heart accent with a small piece of red wire. Twist on back to secure. Adhere with Mini Pop-Dots to the bottom right corner of the main photo.

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