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Color Adjusting - Green Tones Layout
by Eastmen Kodak Company
Materials Needed
  A favorite picture
  12" x 12" Black Embossed Floral paper by K & Company
  Ocean green cardstock
  Black cardstock
  Punches: fern leaf, ash leaf, and square
  Zig Millennium pen
  Dry embossing stylus
  Hermafix double-sided adhesive squares

Fix a favorite picture
You can make a good snapshot into a great picture when you take it to a KODAK Picture Maker. In this original, the Mom and son had too much red in their faces. By enhancing the green tones, we changed the mood of the picture, and better coordinated the picture with the page layout.

Start by following the on-screen directions to make a 5" x 7" enlargement. Next, press the Edit button and choose Adjust Color. For a picture that's too red, press the "up" arrows on the screen to increase the amount of blue and green in the picture. Go ahead and try it – the screen will show you a preview of how it looks, and you can always press Start Again if you don't like the results. Remember, you don't pay for anything until you actually make a print.

  2. Mat the KODAK Picture Maker print
Mat your new, improved picture on green cardstock, then black cardstock, and then again on green – leaving a wide edge.

Using a dry embossing stylus and the edge of any plastic template, dry emboss an edge all around the larger green mat.

  3. Add a simple title
To personalize your layout, write your title on the large green mat with your black pen. And adhere the matted photo to the Black Embossed Floral background paper.

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