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Veterans Heritage Layout
by Eastmen Kodak Company
Materials Needed
  Six heritage pictures
  12" x 12" Cardstock in Tan, Dark Brown and Beet
  12" x 12" K & Company papers: Grapevine, Heritage Golden Wide Striped, American Flag Gold Star patterns
  Alphabet Stamps
  Dark brown ink pad
  Lettering Template; ScrapPagerz Calligraphy
  Metal Embellishments
  Mini glue dots
  Hermafix double-sided adhesive squares
  1. Preserve your heritage pictures
Before your family's old photos fade away with the years, bring them to a KODAK Picture Maker and save a copy. The pictures you copy should be snapshots or, if they were professionally taken, you'll need a letter from the copyright holder giving you permission to reproduce them.

Follow the on-screen directions to make 4" x 6" prints and a 5" x 7" enlargement of your feature photo. We used the Print Sepia-tone button on the KODAK Picture Maker to make all the different snapshots turn out in the same color family.

  2. Create your background
Trim the Heritage Golden Wide Striped paper slightly and mat it on the beet cardstock, leaving a small a 1/2" cardstock border on all four sides. Repeat for the second page of the layout.
  3. Give your pictures a place of honor
Mat the 5" x 7" focal point picture on beet cardstock, and then again on tan cardstock. Cut a 6" x 11" piece of American Flag Gold Star paper. Mat the picture on the top, leaving a 3" border on bottom for your title. Mat the entire piece on beet cardstock. Add metal embellishments to the corners of your photo using mini glue dots.

Mat your accent pictures on brown cardstock and then again on beet cardstock. We gave two of the matted pictures a torn-edge accent for texture. Adhere the pictures to your background pages.

  4. Add journaling and a title
Use alphabet stamps and brown ink for the word “Our” in the title. Use a lettering template for the word “hero” using Grapevine paper. Cut out the individual letters, mat them on beet cardstock and affix to the lower part of the title block.

On a block of the American Flag Gold Star paper, hand-write your journaling message, or use a computer to choose a font and print. Mat the block on Grapevine paper and beet cardstock. Attach all pieces to the background paper.

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