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Epson Computer Tip: Creative Zone Project – Kids at Summer Camp
By Barbara Kotsos

For project ideas and more, visit

Do you have summer photos that include your kids at summer camp? If you do, there is a very easy way to scrapbook them. Go to . You can create really fast and beautiful summer camp themed pages and projects.

Check out these projects that you can make just by downloading the files from this site. Either print out the layout and use it traditionally, by layering your text, photos onto it – or create a page digitally. Import your headline and journaling right into the page file, and then insert your photos. Finish it off with embellishments.

To make more pages or great photo mattes, choose from patterned pages. They’re all color and design coordinated, making it simple for you to mix and match.

Create other fun projects for when the kids go off to camp – like a cool box to store their camp treasures of pinecones, neat stones and craft projects. Or make it easy for them to write home by printing the addresses of people who would love to hear from them, stamp them, and they just fill them out.

Make camp an even more fun experience for all of you!

Sponsor: Epson America, Inc.

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