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Scrapable Party Centerpieces
By Jinger Adams

Materials Needed

12 x 12 cardstock

Watering can
Spray paint
Floral foam
Glitter glue
Paint brush
Xyron 150
Extra small dowels – note: should fit up inside alligator clip.
Alligator clips (found in most automotive stores)
Foam squares
Glue dots
Circle punch
Green floral tape
Hot glue gun
Paper trimmer with scoring blade
Disposable camera
This project is a lot of fun, and a unique way of preserving shower and party memories long after the event has passed. It also doubles for the center-pieces at your gathering and engages the guests to leave behind their thoughts.

Each bottle or carriage unclips and is double-sided. The first side has a journaling square that says, “Advice for the new mommy” where the guest can leave a thought for the mom-to-be. On the reverse side, is a mount for a photo. During the party, you can place a disposable camera in front of each centerpiece, making sure all of the guests get their photo taken during the shower. When the shower is over and the film gets developed, you can put the picture with the advice item. Then each piece can lay out flat in a scrapbook for the new parents to enjoy forever.

1. 1. You will need to start by picking a base. Make sure it is sturdy and a little tall so that it can hold up the pieces coming out of the top.
2. 2. We have chosen a watering can that we have spray painted blue to match the Baby Boy theme. Next, you will want to put some floral foam into your base. This is what you will be sliding your sticks into. So make sure it is secure and not sliding around. Just by taking a plastic butter knife, you can shape it to your desired size.
3. 3. The next step is fast and fun. You can use four different patterns to decorate the outside. To get this look on the handle, you will want to cut strips about 12 inches long and tie them in knots all the way down the handle and a few on the spout.
4. 4. Next, use a little sticker maker to adhere glue to the back of long strips of ribbon. Size the ribbon first to the shape of the can and then cut the pieces. Stick one end in and then pull out the other side. Wrap your ribbon around the can.
5. 5. For a finishing touch, you can create a star pattern, paint glitter on it and use some general baby rub-on words placed them on the star.
6. 6. Use foam tape on the back to pop it out a little from the can and make it stand out.
7. 7. Take a small wooden dowel about 18 inches in length, making sure it is the size that can fit into your alligator clip. Use green floral tape and wrap it around the stick giving it a stem kind of look. Spray the silver clips white.
8. 8. Using a glue gun, attach the alligator clips onto your sticks.
9. 9. Take two different strips of ribbon and wrap them around the base of each alligator clip to give it a dressed-up look.
Create the baby bottle and carriage shapes.
These are double-sided to add our pictures and advice to. If you don’t want to take the time to create patterns, they can be found all over from die cut machines, coloring books or clip art on the internet. There are patterns out there for just about any idea you want to create. (Make sure they’re not copy-righted).
1. 1. Trace your double-sided pattern onto plain white cardstock making sure it is hooked together. Then fold using a scoring blade.
2. 2. Adhere the pattern with colored cardstock and embellishment. We made the top of the bottle a light tan and then the lid blue. Before gluing all pieces together, ink the edges with a brown ink pad and sponge. Let it dry and then go back over it with glitter glue.
3. 3. Add the finishing touches by adding polka-dots, rick-rack, photo turn mounts and rub-ons.
4. 4. Repeat on the other side but make sure one side has the advice square and the other has the photo mount.
5. 5. Trace the pattern of your buggy, making sure it is connected down the middle. Score with blade and fold.
6. 6. Cut out all pieces, ink the edges and let it dry. With a paint brush, spread glitter glue on parts of it. For the wheels, you can use over-sized buttons. After drying, dab a little white paint on the edges to make it pop.
7. 7. To give it dimension, pop out the photo mount, and top bar of the carriage adding some ribbon.
8. 8. When all the advice pieces are complete, place them into your alligator clip and start arranging them into your centerpiece by sliding the dowels into the foam. Lift some a little higher or lower, staggering them about.
9. 9. Add some tissue paper for a finishing touch.
Sponsor: Just Jinger/Wilton Industries, Inc.

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