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By Laurie Smith

The last thing you do to complete the layout is adhere it down to your page. This is where the adhesives come in.

Types of adhesives:

Tape runner-temporary and permanent are easy to use and control where the adhesive is going. I recommend using temporary adhesive while learning about scrapbooking because you may change your mind and want to change something on your page. With temporary adhesive, you’ll be able to do this easily and it won’t ruin your page.

Glue sticks are economical and a readily available adhesive. They are easy to use and provide a nice hold. Be aware that glue stick adhesive is not removable so it is less forgiving than the temporary adhesive.

Glue dots are also very easy to use and versatile. You have control over where they are placed and you don’t need to use a lot of them. They come in mini size, craft size and 3-D to give a dimensional look. The dots are great for textured/heavier cardstock and matted photos and heavy embellishments, etc.

After all elements are adhered, put pages into page protectors.


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