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Match Book Mini Album
By Nancy Martinez

“Double-sided papers are essential for creating this simple, whimsical matchbook. This grandmother’s/mother’s day brag book features 4 wallet-sized photos & handwritten sentiments.”

Materials Needed

1 - 12x12 Betsey's Blossoms (both sides)- Cloud Nine Designs

1 - 12x12 Blue Sky by Day (both sides) – Cloud Nine Designs
Dee's Cottage Chipboard: "Cottage Flowers" – Cloud Nine Designs
Dee's Tabs – Cloud Nine Designs
Dee's Journaling strips – Cloud Nine Designs
Blue Gingham Ribbon
White cardstock for photo mats (optional - print photos with a white border)
Rain Dots –Cloud Nine Designs
Chipboard Shapes- Cloud Nine Designs
Little Big Words –Cloud Nine Designs
Fabric Tape
Some type of folding tool? (ie. bone-folder, stylus, etc.)
Black marker
Fiskars® Euro Trimmer
Fiskars® Tape Runner
Craft mat
STEP 1: Trim & Fold Matchbook “Cover”
a. Trim a 12” x 4.5” strip of double-sided “Betsey’s Blossoms” cardstock. The printed side is the outside cover, while the plain green side serves as the inside cover.
b. Mark 2 fold lines on the “inside” of the cover strip. With a pencil, mark at 5-1/4” from the paper’s edge with printed flowers, and 7/8” from the edge without printed flowers. The narrow 7/8” fold will be a pocket for holding “pages.”
c. Fold on lines.
STEP 2: Cut Matchbook “Pages”
a. Trim 2 strips of 12” x 4-1/4” double-sided “Blue Sky by Day” cardstock.
b. Cut the 4-1/4” wide strips into 3 graduating measurements:

4-1/4”w x 4”h
4-1/4”w x 4-5/8”h (flip)
4-1/4”w x 5-1/4”h

c. Once the 3 pages have been cut, flip the middle strip OVER to show off the darker blue side of the cardstock.
STEP 3: Embellish your “Pages.” Adhere photos, sticker tabs & journal stickers.
a. Adhere a wallet-sized photo to each “page.” (Optional - mat photos with white cardstock first.)
b. Apply one sticker TAB to each of the 3 pages.
c. Handwritten sentiments should be added now - it will be difficult to add them once pages are “bound” with staples. Tip: Write on the self-adhesive journal strips before lifting them off the sticker sheet.
STEP 4: Assemble & Adhere “Pages” together.
a. Assemble pages in a graduating order, with the smallest page in front & the tallest in back. Remember, the middle one is flipped over to reveal a different shade of blue.
b. Before slipping the pages into the matchbook, give them some added security with adhesive. Spread them out in front of you, and apply adhesive to the BASE of the middle & back pages. It’s not necessary to apply adhesive to the front page. Reassemble pages and apply pressure to the base where adhesive was applied. (This will keep your pages from slipping around when stapling the book together.)
STEP 5: Staple Pages into the cover “Pocket.”
a. Open the pre-folded cover strip. Slip all 3 pages into the 7/8” crease. The pages fit snugly into the “pocket” and are flush with the fold.
b. Your book will be bound with staples. If desired, measure & mark the staple points before using the stapler.
c. With the cover open, and the pages facing you, staple each end of the narrow “pocket” going through all 5 layers of paper.
STEP 6: Embellish the “Cover” (front, inside & back)
a. Front cover - Adhere & layer chipboard flowers to the front.
b. Inside cover - Adhere an additional photo, a journaling strip, and a chipboard flower.
c. Back cover - Write a handwritten sentiment on a journal sticker then apply.
d. Tie a ribbon around the top fold.
Sponsor: Cloud Nine Designs/ Fiskars® Brands Inc.

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