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Glitter Techniques
By Melissa Inman, Scrapbooks etc. Magazine

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“Easter” Page

Peel off the sticker. It can be tricky to get off, so use the tip of a craft knife or tweezers to get it started.

With your work surface covered with a large scrap paper or piece of waxed paper, pour the glitter over the sticker.
Tap the paper to remove excess glitter and pour the excess back into your jar to use at a later date.

Gauge page
Add glitter to your chipboard letters using glitter spray paint, decoupage medium and loose glitter, or acrylic paint and loose glitter. Each technique will give you a slightly different look.
On this page, the already-colored chipboard letters got a bit of glitz from a light coat of glitter spray paint.
If you opt to use acrylic paint as a sticking medium for your glitter, pick a paint color that matches your glitter to get the best coverage.

Amigos Page
Use glitter glue (available in tons of colors at your crafts store) to outline designs on patterned paper. It’s easy to follow the designs because the glitter glue tubes have pointed-tip applicators. Make sure you allow the glue to dry completely before placing the page in you album!

Melissa Inman, Scrapbooks etc. Magazine

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