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Epson Computer Tip – It’s A Small World After All
(Using Index Sheet Size Prints on your Pages)

By Barbara Kotsos

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One large photograph can start telling your story. However, accent your projects with several smaller photos to tell the whole story and capture more attention. When one large image serves as your focal point, additional smaller images can easily convey more details. This clever use of both large and small photos can be accomplished quickly with the use of index prints, sometimes called contact sheets (in Photoshop Elements). So break out of your standard photo size rut and get creative.

Open Adobe PSE 5.0, click on Edit & Enhance Photos

2. Once the Editor Screen is open, locate and open the images with which to work when creating your project.

a. For this sample, we’ll work with pictures from Tara’s recent camping trip.

Choose the photo that will be your focal point and edit and crop it accordingly.

a. The group shot of all the kids is perfect for the main image. We’ll edit, crop and print this picture as a 5”x7”.


Next, take a look at the remaining open pictures and determine how they will best convey the story of the family’s weekend adventure in the state park.

a. For this sample, we’ll choose maybe 6-10 other images to accent the primary image.

5. Once your accent (additional) images are selected. Edit each, as necessary.
6. To print a Contact Sheet (index print) of these images, in Photoshop Elements, click on File > Print Multiple Photos. PSE will open up Organizer. Organizer will assist you in processing/handling multiple images in one application or command (such as printing multiple photos).

A Print Photos window will open and at that time, you must set your preferences.

a. In this sample, we’re going to:

1. Select Printer: Epson Stylus Photo R1800, printing on Premium Glossy Photo Paper, sized 8.5”x11”, Portrait Orientation

2 . Select Type of Print: Contact Sheet

b. Also, in the Print Photos window, you’ll have the ability to size the prints smaller or larger on the contact sheet, by specifying the number of columns in which to print. The larger the number of columns, the smaller the print size.

1. Make sure to “uncheck” any of the Text Labels which might be applied to the images. It won’t harm the print quality, but by removing these labels, you’ll have a wider and cleaner area from which to trim your photos.

8. Once your contact sheet specifications are set, click Print.
For another easy option, print Proof Sheets from smaller stand alone printers, using the built in editing and printing functions.
9. Power up your portable printer and insert your camera card, memory stick or CD.
10. Once the images are located and appear on the viewer screen, press the Menu button. Using the arrow keys, select Layout. Press OK.
11. At this time you may choose from assorted smaller sizes, including Proof Sheet (which holds 20 photos per 4x6 page). Locate Proof Sheet and press OK.
12. The viewer screen will return to the photo previews. Press the button under the words Select All. Then press the button under the word Proceed.
13. Lastly, press the Print button. In less then 30 seconds, you’ll have a printed 4x6 Proof Sheet, filled with small accent photos ready to be trimmed and placed on your project.

Barbara Kotsos

Sponsor: Epson America, Inc.

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