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Adobe Digital Scrapbooking Tip – Pencil Drawing
By Linda Sattgast

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For PhotoShop Elements Trial:

To turn a digital photograph into a pencil drawing:


Open the photo you want to use (File > Open).

Duplicate the photo layer by dragging it onto the "Create a new layer icon" at the top of the layers palette, or simply press Ctrl + J (Mac: Cmd + J).
Choose "Enhance > Adjust Color > Remove Color to turn the duplicate layer into black and white.
Duplicate the layer again (Ctrl + J in Windows, Cmd + J on a Mac).
Choose Filter > Adjustments > Invert. Your photo will now look like a negative.
Click on the drop down menu that says "Normal" at the top of the Layers palette and choose Linear Dodge. Your photo will turn to all white, or mostly white.
Choose Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.
When the dialog box comes up, move the Radius slider until you achieve the look you want. Moving it to the left will give a sketched look. Moving it toward the right will make it look more like a pencil drawing. When you're satisfied, click okay.

To turn your "drawing" into color:
Click on the black and white circle at the top of the Layers palette and choose Hue/Saturation.
When the dialog box comes up, click on the Colorize box and move the Hue slider until you get the color you want.
Adjust the other two sliders as desired.
Print the photo and use a circle cutter to turn it into a one-of-a kind circle tag for your scrapbook page.
  Hint: You may want to change the size of your photo before you print it.
Choose Image > Resize > Image Size.
When the dialog box comes up, check "Resample Image" and "Maintain Proportions."
Change one dimension, either the width or the height. The other dimension will change proportionately.
Click okay.

Materials for "Tal & Mom" page by Linda Sattgast
Background paper: Word Wide Treasure, Red Circle: Die Cuts with a View, Fiber: Adornments, Grunge Frame: Simply Elegant Albums by Michelle Shefveland, Word Art: created in Adobe Photoshop Elements, Fonts: Adobe Caslon Pro, P22 Cezanne, Lithos Pro, Trajan Pro

Linda Sattgast

Sponsor: Adobe Systems Inc. and Scrapper’s Guide

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