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Adobe Digital Scrapbooking Tip – Crop to Enlarge
By Linda Sattgast

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To turn a photo in a 12 x 12 background page:

Open a suitable photo (File > Open).

Select the Crop tool and type the width and height dimensions in the Options bar.
Type in your desired resolution. (Use anywhere from 200 to 300 ppi resolution.)
Click and drag an outline over the part of the photo you want to include on your page.
When you let go of the mouse the area outside the outline will turn a darker color.
You can continue to resize the outline by dragging from any handle.
When you're satisfied, click on the check mark to accept the outline.

To give your page a monochrome color:
Choose Enhance > Adjust Color > Adjust Hue/Saturation.
When the dialog box comes up, click on the "Colorize" box and your photo will turn into shades of one color.
Move the Hue slider until you find the color you want.
Move the Saturation slider to the left to desaturate the color, or to the right to make the color brighter.
Move the Lightness slider to the right to lighten your page, if you wish.

Materials for My Little Angel by Linda Sattgast & Mary Newman:
Pink dot paper: Sandylion, Ribbon: Sopp America, Inc. "Secrets," Letters: Chatter Box,
Fonts: "My" Adobe Garamond, "Little" Brandywine, Poem: Cheapskate Fill

Linda Sattgast

Sponsor: Adobe Systems Inc. and Scrapper’s Guide

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