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Epson Computer Tip – It’s Personal
(Using Personalized Text as Background Paper)
By Barbara Kotsos

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Patterned, textured and plain papers are great for scrapbooking and crafts. When you want to make your project truly personal, take your design to the next level. Personalized papers are the perfect touch for gift-giving or every day crafting needs. Personalization is easy. Pick up themes like a name, birthday or something unique to the project. Mix up fonts, sizing and colors to create a unique paper or overlay
1. Open Adobe PSE 5.0, click on Edit & Enhance Photos
2. Once the Editor Screen is open, open a Blank File (Control Key + N) with the specifications of :

a. Size: 12”x12”

b. DPI: 300

c. Background: White
3. Create a New Layer on top of your primary Background Layer, by clicking New Layer (Shift Key + Control Key + N) in the palette bar.
4. With the New Layer selected, click on the Text Tool (Press T).

Specify the desired font, size and color. In this example we will use the following:

a. Font: Magneto

b. Size: 60pt

c. Color: Red

6. Drop the cursor on to the new layer and type the first word and when finished click on the “check mark” to confirm the input.

a. September

Create a second layer, by clicking New Layer (Shift Key + Control Key + N), to hold your next word. Creating additional layers allows you to work with each word independently.

8. Change the font, size and color and type the second word on the second layer.

a. Virgo
9. When finished click on the “check mark” to confirm the input.
10. Still working with your second layer, select the Move Tool (Press V) and rotate the word on the page to a vertical orientation, by grabbing the corner of the text. If you like, stretch the text larger or smaller.

Continue creating multiple layers to hold multiple words.

12. Work with each layer and each word by mixing up the font families, sizes and colors. Consider changing the opacity on certain layers to create a watermark-like effect.


Barbara Kotsos

Sponsor: Epson America, Inc.

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