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Personalize Tin Purse
By Heather Lancaster

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Materials Needed

Cricut™ Cutting System

Cricut™ Printing Press Cartridge
** Optional ** Cuttlebug™ Cutting and Embossing System Cuttlebug script embossing folder Provo Craft 'Not Your Common Beads'
Provo Craft 'Accentials' word plates
Provo Medium Dome Tin
Modge Podge Adhesive
Acrylic Paints
Silk Flowers
Glue Gun
1. Using Cricut Printing Press cartridge, cut the words LOVE and LAUGH in assorted sizes. Use Shadow, Tall and Character features as well as a mixed assortment of upper and lowercase letters so that you have a variety of sizes and styles. Try using Real Dial Size as well for even more variety!
2. Optional - To add even more texture and interest to your purse, emboss larger letters using the Cuttlebug Cut and Emboss system.
3. Adhere all letters to the tin, starting with larger sized words.
Use individual letters to fill smaller spaces. Modge Podge is a great glue for this step.
4. Paint over all letters using a light brown acrylic paint.
5. Add detail and depth to the tin using white, dark brown and teal paints. Use a stencil brush to apply small amounts at a time and rub them in to blend well.
6. Coat entire tin with a matte or satin finish sealer.
7. Attach flowers, beads and ribbons to tin handle using glue gun and wire to firmly secure. Use a ribbon to attach a word plate to the front of the tin and adhere in place with glue gun.
8. Don't let your purse sit on a shelf! Take it with you on your next night out and enjoy your creativity!

Heather Lancaster


Sponsor: Provo Craft® and Novelty Inc.

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