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Sticker Techniques
Designs by Erin Terrell
Presented by Melissa Inman

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Giving stickers an epoxy look
“For You Daisy” gift tag
“Love You” card

Materials Needed

Paper and stickers by SEI.

Triple-Thick Clear Glaze by Krylon.
1. Place your sticker on a piece of waxed paper to protect your surface as you work with the spray glaze. The sticker will also be easy to remove from the waxed paper so you can secure it to the rest of your project once the glaze is dry.
2. Shake the spray glaze well. Always work in a well-ventilated area any time you use aerosol sprays. Spray the sticker with a thin coat of the spray glaze and let it dry.
3. Once the first coat is dry, add another layer, repeating the process until you’re happy with the thickness.

Beautiful Baby frame


Materials Needed
Stickers, frame, paper flowers, tag, brads by Making Memories.
1. Apply the word stickers to a pre-finished metal frame.
2. Add a photo to the frame opening.
3. Finish with a colorful clip and paper flowers

W is for Wow page


Materials Needed
Cardstock, ribbon, buckle, chipboard flower, brads by Making Memories.
Stickers by 7Gypsies
1. Start with long word-print border stickers. Cut individual words and phrases out of the strips, choosing words that support your page theme.
2. Add the strips around the focal-point photo on your layout.
3. Use a pushpin, paper piercer, or small hole punch to make holes for brads in the large spaces between the words. We used brads that matched the color of the word strips to make them a subtle accent.

“Hi” card


Materials Needed
Stickers, rub-ons, brads by Making Memories.
Cardstock by Bazzill Basics Paper
1. Working with a sheet of word stickers left over from the baby frame project, cut a flower shape from the sticker sheet. Freehand draw one on the back of the sticker sheet or use a template to make the shape. We used the negative space from the chipboard flower used on the “W is for Wow” page.
2. Use scissors or a craft knife to cut the shape from the sticker sheet. Be sure to cut through the stickers AND the backing.
3. Leave the stickers attached to the backing and add a bit of adhesive to the back of the entire piece to attach it to your project. If you peel the stickers off, they word cluster will fall apart and piecing it back together can be difficult!

“Summertime” page


Materials Needed
Circle stickers by Avery.
Cardstock by Bazzill Basics Paper.
Patterned paper, button, chipboard accents, letter stickers by Making Memories.
Rub-on by KI Memories.
Spray paint by Krylon.
1. Apply inexpensive shape stickers to a piece of patterned or solid paper. We used simple circle stickers like the ones you’d use when pricing items at a yard sale. Make sure the stickers are secure but don’t rub them too firmly—you want to make sure you can peel them up later. If you’re worried the stickers will tear your paper, dust the backs with a light coat of baby powder, leaving just enough stickiness to keep them in place as you work.
2. Shake the spray paint well. Always work in a well-ventilated area any time you use aerosol sprays. Lay your paper on a sheet of newspaper or scrap cardboard to protect your work surface. Use smooth even motions to apply a light coat of the paint over the entire piece of paper. Allow the paint to dry for a few minutes.
3. Once the paint has dried, gently peel off the stickers, revealing your design. If you’re having a hard time getting them up, use the tip of a craft knife or a pair of tweezers to get the edge started.

Melissa Inman

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