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Adobe Digital Scrapbooking Tip – High Pass Filter
By Linda Sattgast

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To sharpen a slightly blurry photo:

Duplicate the photo layer by dragging it onto the "Create a new layer" icon at the top of the Layers palette, or simply press Ctrl + J (Mac: Cmd + J).

Choose Enhance > Adjust Color > Remove Color to turn the duplicate layer into black and white.
Choose Filter > Other > High Pass. Move the slider to around 10 pixels and click okay.
At the top of the Layers palette, click on the menu that says "Normal" and choose "Soft Light."
Hint: If the effect is too strong, lower the opacity of this layer slightly by moving the Opacity slider to the left.

Materials for "Senior Year" page by Linda Sattgast and Mary Newman:
Background paper printed with Senior Year: Epson Photo Paper, Green paper: A Formal Heritage CD by Jenny Binder, Ribbons: Brown, May Arts; Other ribbons by American Crafts Elements, Flower & flower center: Bazzill, Fonts: Title, Beautiful ES, Journaling, Myriad Pro.

Linda Sattgast

Sponsor: Adobe Systems Inc. and Scrapper’s Guide

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