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It’s A Boy!
By Julie McGuffee

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Add color and texture to vellum with Permapaque® opaque pigment markers!

Materials Needed

Sakura® Permapaque® Markers – Metallic blue, Peach and Brown

Sakura® Pentouch White Marker – Extra Fine
8” x 8” Cardstock
7 ½” x 7 ½” Vellum
Baby Footprints design to trace (rubber stamp used here)
Brass stencil
Hole Punch
Note: When choosing pen colors and papers for your project, look for colors and styles that complement the photograph and/or theme.
1. Using the stylus emboss the brass stencil design onto the vellum.
2. Color the back of the design with the Permapaque markers.
3. Turn the vellum over then trace over the embossed outline with the white Pentouch marker.
4. Trace over the footprint design on the front of the vellum with the white Pentouch marker. Color with blue on the back.
5. Write the title in white on the front of the vellum. TIP: Print title on computer. Place the vellum on top then trace with the white marker.
6. Using the chisel tip end of the blue metallic marker draw a straight line across the title on the back of the vellum. Using the fine tip end of the same marker to add 2 additional lines.
Referring to the photograph, assemble as follows:
1. Adhere the photograph to the front of the vellum.
2. Attach the vellum to the page with a silver brad at each corner.
Permapaque® Opaque pigment markers can be used on a variety of surfaces: Metal, china, glass, acetate (see window card) wood and more.

Julie McGuffee

Sponsor: Sakura Color Products of America

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