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Big Picture Scrapbooking Tip - Digital Triage
By Stacy Julian

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Organize your digital pictures

I’m going to be brutally honest with you. You have taken more pictures than you can scrapbook in your lifetime. Seriously, put down your camera right now and you would still be scrapbooking in 20 years! So, you have got to adapt a plan or system that will help you upload and track and print the pictures that you most want to scrapbook. Your computer probably already organizes your images in date order (or chronologically.) If you add to this system categories that can collect and “age” photos together, you will be able to retrieve photos that belong together, not because they were taken on the same day, but because they help you tell an important story. Start by setting up four main folders in your photo software program:

1. All About Us Personality pictures of you and your immediate family

2. People We Love Pictures of extended family and friends
3. Places We Go Pictures of vacation destinations and even images of places you love and frequent around home.
4. Things We Do If you love to fish, and you often spend your weekends at soccer tournaments, then one of two of the best pictures you have taken during fishing trips and soccer games can be put into this folder, along with any other pictures that typify your life and the things you love to do.
As you move pictures into these category folders, only move a select few. One of the main goals of digital triage is the prioritization that comes from choosing to move just the best of the best – you’ll love this new view of your pictures and your life. You be able to make important connections that chronology doesn’t show you and you’ll be dealing with a much more manageable number of pictures when it comes time to print!

Stacy Julian

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