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Epson Computer Tip – Finding Your Muse
(Using Free Online Cures for Writer’s Block)
By Barbara Kotsos

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Pictures are worth a thousand words. However, sometimes when we try to put pen to paper we’re at a loss for words. Use the latest technology to break through your writer’s block. Never underestimate the power of the written word. Whether it’s one word, a quote or translation – you can find just the right words to match your project.

Using Microsoft Word

If you are using Microsoft Word to compose your journaling, help is just a click away.


When you want to punch up your text, and replace the same old, boring descriptions highlight the word to be replaced and click on Tools > Language > Thesaurus.


Take your pick of numerous synonyms that will add distinct flair to your journaling.

3. Don’t forget to use the handy Spelling and Grammar check feature to polish your writing.
4. Click on your new blank file to bring it to the top of the workspace. This will be your layout file. Then do the same with the background of your choice. You can move the files around on the workspace by clicking and dragging on the top bar of the image window, using the Move Tool (the top tool in the Toolbar).
Using the Internet

If you are experiencing creative block, the internet offers up a whole host of options to help boost your ideas and inspiration. As with any internet search, a good virus program and firewall is necessary to protect your computer from unwanted intruders. Take a look at what you can find when looking for definitions, synonyms, antonyms, encyclopedic reference, language translation or even rhyming assistance.

For even more creative resources, check out:
Advertising Jingles and Slogans
advertising slogans:
Alphabet Lists
Children's Books (online public libraries or search by title)
book titles
insert the entire text of the book in your layout instead of journaling
Famous Speeches
Jokes and Riddles
Nursery Rhymes
Jump-rope jingles:
Scrapbooking Websites

A quick Google search will reveal an array of scrapbooking websites with title and journaling lists. Designed by scrapbookers as page starters, this is a resource not to be overlooked.

Barbara Kotsos

Sponsor: Epson America, Inc.

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