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Epson Computer Tip – I Went To A Garden Party
(Using Garden Themed Templates from CreativeZone)
By Barbara Kotsos

For project ideas and more, visit

Do you have photos to scrapbook of someone who’s an avid gardener? How about some thoughtful gifts that you’d like to make for that person? We can help! Boot up your computer and go to our creative website. You’ll find projects and pages posted there that are ready to print – you just add your own photos and text.

Personalize the layouts provided, or make your own with the coordinated patterned pages available. Look at these gorgeous, matching patterned pages, made so that you can layer mattes contrasting sections and your photos.

Type in your journaling, add your own photos, and create a page like this! Look at the finished gardening theme page, printed on this paper. Enhance the digital pages by adding 3-D embellishments as your final touch! With the printer and paper, you can print borderless 12x12” pages. With a smaller printer, you could print these files in 8.5 x 11” or 8x8”.

Check out some other gardening projects on the site. Make a personalized journal or these beautiful seed packets. They’re great for garden party notions or as a gift. Here are some plant markers, or decorative vase covers. When printed with the pigment inks in this printer, remember, they’re water resistant too.

You’re halfway there once you go to that website . . . there are projects to make for most hobbies and sports interests, as well as events and special occasions. These gardening projects could seed a whole new way of your doing things more digitally from now on!


Barbara Kotsos

Sponsor: Epson America, Inc.

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