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Adobe Digital Scrapbooking Tip – Postage Stamp
By Linda Sattgast

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Create a postage stamp shape:

Select the Custom Shape tool and open the Shape Picker menu in the Options Bar.

Double click on Stamp 1 shape. If you don't see this shape in your menu, click on the right facing triangle at the top of the menu and choose "All Elements Shapes."
Press "D" to reset the Color Chips to the default black and white colors.
Press "X" to switch the Foreground color to white.
Click and drag out a stamp shape. Press Shift as you click and drag to maintain the original proportions.
When you let go of the mouse, your shape will fill with white.
Select the Rectangular Marquee tool and click and drag an outline inside your stamp shape where you want your photo to go.
Create a new, blank layer by clicking on the "Create a new layer" icon at the top of the Layers palette.

To place a photo on your stamp:
Open the photo you intend to use (File > Open).
Choose Select > All to put a selection outline around your photo.
Choose Edit > Copy to copy your photo.
Click on your postage stamp document to select it.
Choose Edit > Paste into Selection Outline. (Do NOT choose Edit > Paste!)
Do not deselect yet.
Select the Move tool and make sure "Show Bounding Box" is checked in the Options Bar.
If you can't see the entire bounding box, choose View > Fit on Screen.
Click and drag from a corner handle to resize your photo until it fits as you want it to inside the selection outline. (In Photoshop Elements versions earlier than 5.0, press Shift as you resize the outline.)
You may need to choose View > Zoom Out to enlarge your document.
When you're satisfied with the photo placement, click on the check mark to accept it.
Choose Select > Deselect to get rid of the selection outline.
Materials use in "No place like home" page by Linda Sattgast:
Collage background technique taught in The Scrapper's Guide to Adobe Photoshop Elements, Volume 2 by Linda Sattgast, Filmstrip and old map with rose: created in Adobe Photoshop Elements, Fonts: Title, Onyx; Stamp fonts, GlousesterMT; word Oregon, Impact; Filmstrip words & circle of type, Verdana; old handwriting, scanned

Linda Sattgast

Sponsor: Adobe Systems Inc. and Scrapper’s Guide

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