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Wedding Page – Photo Tinting
By Katie and Corrie Reising

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Materials Needed

Green 8x10 paper

white paper
purple paper 5x7 and 3x5
green paper cut smaller to desired size less then 5x7 and 3x5 flower punch cotton ball applicator and cotton balls.
The Stencil Collection green tiles
3 diamonds
The Stencil Collection Non-smear pastels Rub-on
1. Place down green paper rip white paper and glue in the middle. Glue green square on top of 5x7 purple square.Glue photo on top of green square.
2. Repeat process for 3x5 print in lower right hand corner of page.
3. Use The Stencil Collection NON-SMEAR PASTELS to photo tint your black and white photo. Make sure to scratch them before use to break the seal. Use cotton ball applicator to apply. You can use the same cotton ball through out colors.
4. Glue green tile in the middle of the purple punched flower. -repeat for additional flowers Glue diamonds on top of tiles.
5. Glue finished purple flower on green flower - repeat for additional flowers Glue down flowers to top bottom and right hand corner of page.
6. Rub on with popsicle stick a loving memory saying.

Katie and Corrie Reising

Sponsor: The Stencil Collection

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