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MS Lifelines is a website dedicated to helping people with Multiple Schlerosis find support, make connections and share information about MS. On Scrapbook Memories Shiela Reyman was interviewed about how MS doesn’t have to stop you from scrapbooking.

The Live Your Life.Not Your MS Scrapbooking Club is part of a pilot program sponsored by MS LifeLines® for people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and the people who care about them. MS LifeLines is a free educational resource sponsored by EMD Serono and Pfizer, developed with the guidance of people with MS - for people with MS.

Shiela Reyman serves as a MS LifeLines Ambassador. As an Ambassador, Shiela is an example and resource in the MS community by providing guidance, support and empowerment about living well with MS. Shiela was diagnosed
with relapsing MS in 2002, and believes that sharing her experiences with others is one of the most fulfilling aspects of her life.

The Live Your Life.Not Your MS Scrapbooking Club meets every other month. Though this particular club is only offered in the Phoenix, Arizona area, the hope is that other people will be inspired to create similar social
situations in their own areas where people with MS who share similar interests can come together to have fun and be with others like them. Living with a chronic illness can be challenging and in some situations
people withdraw from participating in social activities. MS LifeLines strives to change that, offering patient programs throughout the United States and also throughout the world using the Internet.

On the show, Shiela demonstrates how simple adaptations can be made when using various scrapbooking tools. She, like many others with MS, has one side of her body more afflicted than the other. Unfortunately, it is her
right side, including her right arm and hand, and being right handed this prevents her from writing in her albums and scrapbooking her family photos. She discovered that many scrapbooking tools could be used with her left
hand, and she embarked on a mission to discover such tools while also learning how to use her left hand for such tasks.

Preserving family histories and sharing stories with others is such a joy to Shiela. She would like others to discover the same joy, and it is for this reason that she coordinates the Live Your Life.Not Your MS Scrapbooking

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