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Adobe Digital Scrapbooking Tip –
Photo Edges

By Linda Sattgast
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Photo Edges

Here's how to add a distressed or chalked edge to a digital photo:

  • Open the photo that could use a distressed edge (File > Open).
  • Click on the Foreground Color Chip. When the Color Picker pops up, select the color you want and click okay.
  • Get the Brush tool and open the Brush Picker in the Options Bar.
  • Find the Brush that looks like a star outline, and choose the fourth brush after the star. It's number 33 Hard Pastel on Canvas. Double click on this brush to select it, and then make it a little bit bigger by pressing the right Bracket key a few times.
  • Click on the Create a new layer icon at the top of the Layers palette.
  • Click in one corner of your photo and Shift click in the next corner to draw a straight line between the two points. Bring your cursor back to the first corner and Shift click again. Go back and forth several times until you get good coverage on that one side.
  • Move to the next side, and do the same thing. Click and Shift click back and forth from corner to corner. Do this to all four sides of the photo.
  • When you've made it all around the photo, open the Brush Picker again and choose the #36 Chalk Brush which is two brushes beyond the star brush.
  • Click and drag with the #36 Chalk Brush to paint in some chalked areas.
  • When you're satisfied, print out your photo and put it on a scrapbook page.
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