Project 1204-4

Basic Grey-Magnetic Cards   
By Dana Smith
Sponsor:  Basic Grey

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Materials Needed:
  • BasicGrey Infuse™: Lace, Suffuse, Seethe, Saturate
  • BasicGrey Infuse™ Die Shape
  • BasicGrey magnetic snaps (pair, small)
  • BasicGrey transfer “Thinking of You” (BEL696)
  • adhesive
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • paper trimmer
  • ink (optional)



Magnetic Card

  1. Trim piece of Lace 10”wide x 7” tall. Score vertically at 5” and fold in half.
  2. Trim piece of Saturate 4” wide x 7” tall. Score vertically at 2” and fold in half.
  3. Trim strip of Seethe 5.5” long x .75” tall. Score at the 3.5” mark and fold.
  4. Trim strip of Seethe 2” long x .75” tall.
  5. Trim piece of Suffuse 4.75” x 6.75”.
  6. Punch out diecut shape from diecut sheet.
  7. Ink all edges of trimmed pieces, if desired.


  1. Turn Lace folded card over so that the flap opens from the left side. Fold strip of Seethe over center of right folded side of Lace card, with the 3.5” length facing up. Carefully holding two pieces together and insert them into seam of folded piece of Saturate. Open Saturate flap and apply adhesive; close and press firmly to enclose Seethe piece underneath flap.
  2. Turn card over back over (brown folded edge should be on the left and a 2” green strip should be on the right).
  3. Open green flap to the right and adhere one magnetic snap 1/16” from the edge. Cover back of green strip with 2” piece of Seethe, enclosing magnet. Close green flap back onto face of card.
  4. Place second magnetic snap over the top of the green flap until both magnets align. Align diecut shape so that it is centered on edge of brown strip, with longest “petals” on the left and right. Gently lift up left petal, apply adhesive to back of petal, and press down firmly. Gently lift up right petal, peel off self-adhesive backing from magnet and press die-cut shape in place.
  5. Lift up right petal to open card and adhere pink Suffuse piece to inside, center panel. Transfer “Thinking of You” rub-on to pink panel.
Project Images:

Dana Smith and Julie McGuffee


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