Project 1207-4

Zoom Album
Presented by Jennifer Grant
Sponsor:  Zoom Album

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Materials Needed:
  • Zoom Album kit
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Digital photos
  • Embellishments for album cover


Using the ZoomAlbum software, choose 12 digital photos and drag and drop
images into the boxes on the computer screen. Rotate, crop, zoom, rearrange
and add text to customize the album. To print the page, set the printer to
glossy photo paper and high quality, and print the page onto the photo paper
included. The album will print on a pre-perforated, pre-scored, adhesive
ZoomAlbum sheet. Then fold the page following the instructions and insert
the folded sheet into the solid color cover provided.

To add the embellishments, start with using a gluestick to adhere the ribbon
horizontally across the cover, leaving an even amount of ribbon to allow for
tying the book closed. Next glue the matchbook cover onto the cover of the
book and place the sticker on the matchbook cover. Open the matchbook cover
and insert a picture or personalize with a message to recipient of the
Project Images:


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