Project 1212-2

Digital Scrapbooking Magazine:  Brushes
By Renee Pearson
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Materials Needed:

Brushes: “Hipster Plumes No. 05 Brush Set” by Anna Aspnes (


Save and load a downloaded brush library:
  1. Save the library (.abr file extension) in the Photoshop or Photoshop Elements Brushes folder on your computer.
  2. Quit Photoshop Elements then restart it.
  3. Select the Brush tool from the toolbox.
  4. In the Options bar, click the Brush presets box.
  5. In the Brush presets box, click the Brushes box. The new brush library will appear at the bottom of the list.

Using digital brushes to create background “paper”:

  1. Open a new page (File > New).
  2. Select a color from the Swatches palette.
  3. Select the Brush tool from the toolbox and choose a brush.
  4. Click once inside your page to “stamp” the brush design.
  5. Continue “stamping” designs on your page. Select a different color from the Swatches palette to add variety to your background.
  6. Print your new background paper.
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