Project 1301-3

Digital Scrapbook Memories – Journals
By: April Oaks
Presented by: Julie McGuffee and Beth Madland
Sponsor: Digital Scrapbook Memories

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Materials Needed:
  • Digital Scrapbook Memories DVD
  • Epson Printer
  • Epson photo paper



There are no instructions for this project.  You will need to use a Digital Scrapbook Memories DVD to create the template to create a journal.  After you create the journal cover in your desired size, print out the journal covers,  add paper and then bind it together.  You can take these journals to an office supply store where they can bind it for you or you can use a binding machine that you’ve purchased. 

Please note:  We printed out three journal covers on one sheet of photo paper. Rather than waste the fourth part of the paper we included a photo to print out for another project. 







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