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Recording Childhood Memories
By: Wendy Smedley
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A message from Wendy: 

As the storyteller of the family, consider scrapbooking about your childhood and how it relates to who you are today.  Mix and match photos from your childhood with current photos of you. Highlight special relationships that may have started when you were a child and have continued on to the present.  Let your mind wander back to when you were a child and what you remember most.  Don’t worry about chronology, but rather what significant memories you may have. Try using photos from different time periods to show how you’ve changed and combine photos of you as a child with photos of your children at the same age. Doing these things will help you remember moments that have shaped you and allow you to share your stories with your family.

Creating childhood memories pages is another a great way to help you and your children remember special moments that could be easily forgotten as time passes. For the children in your life, scrapbook the everyday moments of childhood, such as: favorite toys, special clothes, ordinary places they like to go (like the bank or post office), their bedroom, books they like to read over and over again, beloved treasures, words they say, people they love, siblings, cousins, grandparent relationships, friends, playmates, and even what they like to eat. These pages will become a treasured way for you and your family to share stories that may have otherwise gone untold.





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