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Photography Tips
By Julie Stephani
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Most people want to do a little more than simply point and shoot their camera. Here are some fun things to do with your camera to get better photos—and even a beginner can do them without any special equipment or photography know-how. Happy shooting!

Shoot Horizontal & Vertical
Turn the camera to get a variety of horizontal and vertical shots. Remember that people and trees are basically vertical, so that is often the best position for the camera. For a fun photo, take the shot with your camera at an angle.

Shoot Up & Down
Don’t forget to move the position of your camera either up or down to get the best shot. Both can be more dramatic than placing the camera on the same level as the subject.

Change View & Distance
Move! Take shots as you move around a subject. Also move in closer or use your zoom to get a more detailed shot of the subject.

Pan the Camera
If you don’t have a panoramic camera, you can still get the effect buy moving your camera from left to right, always overlapping the last image. Using a tripod works well for this, but you can also be careful to keep the camera at the same level as you pan.

Shoot Close-Ups
Move in on a subject to capture the details. Your zoom may do the trick for you, but you may need to get a macro lens for the truly close-up shots.

[insert 1311-4f)

Shoot the Unexpected
This close-up of a dog’s eye is dramatic and unexpected. It is a great shot for capturing the details of a favorite family pet.

[insert Photo 1311-4g)

Frame Photos
Use the natural elements to create a frame around a subject. This works well for scenery shots as well as for people.

[insert Photo 1311-4h)

Show Perspective
Create depth in your photos by showing layers of scenery that are different distance from the camera. A road that disappears into the horizon is a great way to pull someone into a photo.

[insert Photo 1311-4i)

Shoot Special Effects
Experiment! Especially with digital cameras that don’t waste film, you can try all kinds of shots to get something special. This flower photo was shot into the sun with the flower blocking the light. It’s something you are told not to do, but look at the stunning effect.

[insert Photo1311-4j)

Capture A Special Moment
Always be on the look out for a one-of-a-kind photo. My camera was already packed away as we were leaving our cabin, but it was well worth getting it out for this shot of a spider in a web and early morning dew caught in webs and on the pine needles.




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