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Epson computer tips: Instant ink jet mosaics

Did you know that you can create instant ink jet mosaics – with no cutting and pasting– using Microsoft Word?

1. Using Word, go to “Table”
2. Select ”Insert”
3. Select the number of rows and columns
4. Move your cursor down; make sure that the cursor is outside the table area. Hit enter and position cursor below the table.
5. Select ”Insert Picture”, and choose a photo from one of your photo files
6. Make sure that picture is selected, and then right click on the picture. Scroll down to format picture.
7. Then go to the ”Layout” tab
8. Select ”Behind Text”
9. Then with your mouse, slide your photo behind the table.
10. Then go to “Table”
11. select “Table properties”
12. Click on “Borders and Shading”.
13. Here you can choose the size and the color of your borders. It looks best when you choose a color that matches your layout background, so that it looks like you glued all the little squares of photos onto your background.

Create the mosaic in Word; print it out, then glue onto your layout. If you’re doing it this way, use the same kind of paper on the layout as you use on the Mosaic, so it looks like just one piece of paper.

If you are creating a digital page, copy the completed Mosaic into your layout by clicking on “Table“ in your toolbar, select “Table“, then “Select“ and copy. You can then paste it into your layout.

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