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Epson Computer Tips: How (and why) to print contact (or “index”) sheets

If you have a “roll” of photos developed, it’s always so handy to get a quick preview of what’s in the envelope by scanning the index sheet sometimes provided. Did you know that you can do the same thing with your digital photos? It provides a quick preview of all of the photos that you may want to print. It’s also a great reference to store with a copy of the photos.

Every program for printing photos provides a way to print a contact sheet. Film Factory, comes free with the Epson photo printer. Most photo printers do come with a software program to print photos, so that you can start using your printer right out of the box.

It’s easy: simply highlight all of the photos that you’d like to include on the contact sheet. Most programs have a quick way to select all of them at once, so that you don’t have to click on them one photo at a time.

Next select what you’d like to print, and that’s listed as the index sheet option. It will tell you how many sheets of paper you’ll need to use. Note that you can select printing them with the name of the file on the page and the number under each photo, for easy future reference. Pick the format you want and press print.

Here’s a way that’s even easier. PictureMate doesn’t even require a computer to operate! By putting the flash card in the appropriate slot, you can get it to immediately print out every picture on the flash card immediately! You would use the index sheet to identify which photos you’d like to print bigger into either 4x6” or wallet size photos. Again, it’s a great starting point and reference tool.

What’s next? Save a copy of the index sheet wherever you store your saved photos.
• Some people like to put them together into a labeled envelope
• Some people like to keep them organized in a folder
• Or, in a binder
• You can use special sheet protectors that are safe, made of polypropylene, not vinyl, and save a copy of each set of photos onto a CD, and put it right next to your contact sheet reference of every photo that is on that CD.
• This way, in a second, you can find both the CD and the photo you’re looking for when you’re looking for a specific photo.
• You could even go one step further, and custom print the CD itself, by placing it into those special printers that print directly onto CD’s.
• Lastly, if you want to really play it safe, you can do as some people do; take the whole binder to a safety deposit box!

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