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Window Pages
by Julie McGuffee for Fiskars

Create custom, matted window pages with nested templates and a Shape Cutter.

Materials Needed
  12' x 12" Cardstock - Medium blue, light blue and tan
  Nested Squares Template - Fiskars
  Large Rectangle Templates - Fiskars
  Shape Cutter - Fiskars
  Craft Mat - Fiskars
  12" Paper Trimmer - Fiskars
  Metal Alphabet and Hand - Making Memories
  Craft Stick, Foam Layering Tape, Double Sided Photo Tape, Craft Adhesive double stick
  dots - 3M
The windows on this page are designed for a 4" x 6" photograph and three, 1.5" x 1.5" small square photographs.
  1. Trim 1" from the top and one side of the light blue cardstock. Determine the placement of windows on the light blue paper. To cut the window for the 4" x 6" photograph, use the shape cutter and the 4.5" x 6.5" rectangle shape. Cut a rectangle in the light blue paper. Use the squares template to cut 2" x 2" squares for the 1.5" x 1.5" photographs.

Center, then adhere the light blue sheet on top of the medium blue sheet. Center the 4" x 6" rectangle inside the 4.5" x 6.5" opening then cut a 4' x 6" rectangle in the medium blue paper. Use the 1.5" square template to cut a square inside each of the 2" squares. Place double sided tape on the back of the page around each opening then attach the photographs.

  3. Referring to photograph embellish the front with narrow strips of tan cardstock. Attach the metal hand embellishment with foam layering tape. Cut 1" square openings (one square for each alphabet letter) in a strip of tan cardstock. Adhere with foam layering tape. Adhere one letter inside each square with double stick dots.
Sponsor: Fiskars

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