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Altered Tags
by Julie McGuffee for Fiskars

Tags are not only paper. Have creative fun with wooden tags to make journal and altered book embellishments, pendants, pins and even mini albums. Creative opportunities are infinite.

Materials Needed
12" x 12" Cardstock - Off White
12" x 12" Vellum
Scraps of paper and/or pre-printed die cuts
12" Euro Trimmer with scoring blade - Fiskars
Non-Stick Scissors - Fiskars
Metallic Rub Ons - Craf-T Products
Your choice!
Craft Stick, Vellum Tape, Press'N Place - 3M
Forster and Lara's crafts
  1. Sand edges of wood pieces with an emery board to smooth.
  2. Metallic cream can be added directly to the wood using a sponge applicator, or your finger. Blend colors if desired, or
  3. Cover surface of wood with craft stick adhesive. Place a piece of paper on top that is larger than the wooden tag. Let dry (about a minute) then trim around the edge of the tag to remove excess paper, or
  4. Cover surface of wood with craft stick adhesive then cover with small pieces of torn paper for a collage effect. Let dry then trim edges. Add metallic cream for an "aged" effect.
  5.  To make an accordion fold mini album you will need two identical tags. Cover one side of each tag with one piece of paper. Decorate the other side (one will be the front, one the back) with scraps and ephemera as desired. Accordion fold a strip of paper, or vellum so that it fits the size of the tag. Type or write a message on this strip, or use to make a mini album of index prints! Adhere ends between the tags.

The options are endless, so use your imagination and supplies you have on hand to create these unique treasures, for yourself, family and friends, or use as a paper craft embellishment. Tags also make great Christmas tree ornaments, or wire a few together for a unique garland. You can also add craft sticks for legs and arms to make an adorable deco doll!

Sponsor: 3M Company and Fiskars

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