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Spring Texture
by Julie McGuffee for Fiskars

Reminiscent of brass rubbings, texture plates are an easy way to add dimension and texture to paper crafting projects.

Materials Needed
12' x 12" Cardstock - Off White
12" x 12" Green & Yellow Pastel Vellum - Hot Off the Press
8.5" x 11" Monochromatic Patterned Cardstock - Fiskars Photo Memories
8.5" x 11" Acetate and light tan Cardstock
Nested Squares Template - Fiskars
Nested Rectangles Template - Fiskars
Large Rectangle Templates - Fiskars
Shape Cutter - Fiskars
Craft Mat - Fiskars
1.8" Hole Hand Punch - Fiskars
Fern Texture Plate - Fiskars
Texture Tool - Fiskars
11 Silver Brads - American Traditional
Embroidery Floss
Moldable Foam - Clearsnap
Stayz On Black Ink
Photo Mounting Squares, Foam Mounting Tape, Double Sided Photo Tape, Vellum tape, Foam Layering Tape - 3M
  1. To make the border along the left side of the page, tear two strips of yellow vellum, one about 5" wide and one about 4" wide and a green strip about 3" wide. Layer strips on top of each then attach to the background paper with vellum tape at the top and bottom. Tear an additional 3" wide strip of yellow vellum then adhere to the right side of the page about 2" from right the edge. Tear a 1" wide strip of green vellum then layer on top of the yellow down the center.

Print or write a title on green vellum. Tear vellum above and below. Mat with a strip of yellow vellum about 1' wider. Place the green on top of the yellow then attach to each side of the page about 1" from the bottom, with silver brads as shown. Note: Punch holes for brads with the hand punch.


Using the texture plate and texture tool texturize the surface of the green paper. Using the shape cutter and rectangle templates, cut a 4" x 6" rectangle frame from the green paper with a 3" x 5" opening from the nested rectangle template. Note: Cut the inside rectangle first then the larger rectangle. Cut two, 3" squares with 2" square openings.


Heat the moldable foam per instructions, and then press onto texture plate. Place on ink pad then stamp design on to acetate. Cut two, 2.5" squares from patterned acetate.


Attach square frames together with a silver brad then place a silver brad at opposite corners of each square. Adhere frames on point as shown with photo mounting squares. Adhere small photos to center of each rubber stamped acetate square with a photo mounting square, then adhere the acetate square to the center of the green frame with foam layering tape.


Place a silver brad at each corner of the large rectangle frame. Adhere large photograph at the center of a 4.5" x 6.5" rectangle of light tan paper. Position then adhere to page with double sided tape then secure rectangle frame on top with foam mounting tape. Starting at center top, wrap floss around each brad. Secure ends together with a bow.

Sponsor: Fiskars

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