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by Lynn Krucke

Create your own "altered book" look on a scrapbook page using the following techniques with tools from Fiskars.

Materials Needed
  12 x 12 cardstock- sweetheart, petunia, romance (Bazzill Basics)
  Premo! polymer clay- silver, black (Polyform Products)
  Metallic rub-ons- kit #1 (Craf-T Products)
  Shade-Tex texture sheet (Scratch Art)
  Alphabet stencil (Wordsworth)
  Spritz bottle with water
  Acrylic roller (Polyform), or another way to roll out clay
  Craft knife
  Cutting mat
  Sculpey Super Slicer (Polyform Products)
  Oven thermometer
  Paper trimmer (Fiskars)
  Hole punch- 1/8 inch (Fiskars)
  Non-stick scissors (Fiskars)
  Glue tape and dispenser (3M)
  Foam tape (3M)
  Vellum tape (3M)
  Stencil brush
  Scrap paper
  Ribbon- 6 inches
  Focal photo and four smaller photos
  (optional) small circle canapé or cookie cutter
  (optional) 12 x 12 inch ceramic til
  Creating the clay elements-
  1. Condition polymer clay before beginning by kneading and rolling each color on your hands until the clay is soft and pliable.
  2. Mix one part black clay with four parts silver clay to create a dark silver color. Roll this clay out into a thin sheet.
  3. Spritz the texture sheet lightly with water (to keep it from sticking) then place it on the sheet of clay. Use the acrylic roller to press the texture sheet into the clay. Remove texture sheet.
  4. Pick up silver metallic rub-on with finger and smooth over the surface of the clay to highlight the texture.
  5.  Cut the clay into strips.
  6. Draw a rectangle the size of your focal photo on a scrap piece of paper. Place strips along each edge of the outline to create the frame. Allow strips to overlap at corners.
  7. To miter the corners- Make a diagonal cut connecting the inner and outer corners at each edge of the frame at the overlap points. Remove excess clay and press corners together to seal.
  8. Cut a small circle from a leftover piece of the textured and highlighted clay.
  9. Place the paper with the frame and embellishment on it into an oven preheated to 275 degrees F and bake for twenty-five minutes. Allow to cool.

Assembling the page-


Cut a 4x12 piece of dark pink cardstock and a 4x8 piece of medium pink cardstock.


Adhere these to the light pink cardstock as shown in photo. Crop the smaller photos to 3x3 inches and adhere them across the bottom of the page, leaving room for the title.


Print journaling onto vellum and cut into strips. Adhere to left side of page with vellum tape.


Adhere frame and focal photo at top right of page.


Use the hole punch to make a hole in the center of the baked clay circle. Tie a knot in center of ribbon then thread both ends through hole in clay circle from front to back. Spread out ribbon tails and adhere to page with foam tape.


Use rub-ons and alphabet stencil to add title at bottom of page.

Sponsor: Craf-T Products and Polyform

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