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Instant Album
by Sandi Genovese
For Mrs. Grossman's Paper Company

Create an 8" x 8" party mini-memory book with pages inside devoted to each party guest. Take an instant photo of each partygoer to add to the album along with their names, journaling and party themed accents.

Materials Needed

  Stickers: Mrs. Grossman's
  Die-cut frames and overlays: Ellison
  Square die: Ellison
  Photos: Polaroid
  Adhesive: 3M
  1/8" hole punch: Fiskars
  Carrot punch: E.K. Success
  Box lid
  Black pen: Sakura
  Paper: Canson
  1. Trim red paper to 8" x 24". Fold every 8 inches. Trim off a half inch from the folded inside front cover. (fig.1)
  2. Punch 1/8" holes through the folded front cover and back cover at the mid point of each edge. (fig.1)
  3. Open up the folded front cover and die-cut a 2 3/4" square from the center. Die-cut a smaller square window out of an orange colored square mat to line the window opening of the front cover. (fig.2)
  4. Trim 3 white sheets of paper to 7.5" x 15". Fold them in half and staple them into the folded spine of the red album. To staple into the middle of a book without a long necked stapler, open the album and inside pages and place on a box lid. Open the stapler so it is flat and staple through the papers and box lid. Remove the book and it's pages and manually fold in the ends of each staple in the middle of the book.
  5.  Tape a white square behind the matted window opening of the cover and decorate it with vellum balloon stickers. Add balloon strings with a black pen. (fig.3)
  6. Thread narrow ribbons through the holes in the album beginning at one end and weaving through so the ribbon is exposed at the middle and at each end, allowing the ends to be tied into a bow to hold the album closed. (fig.1)(fig.3)
  7. Decorate a matted white square with vellum letters that spell Happy Birthday. Add vellum circles and add tails to replicate the look of ballons and attach to the first page. (fig.4)
  8. Decorate each double page spread with framed instant photo on one side and a decorated journaling panel on the other side. Decorate the Polaroid overlay die-cuts with vellum circles and raise with foam adhesive before attaching to a Polaroid frame die-cut. Tape a photo behind the opening and attach to the page. Layer a white journaling rectangle onto a larger colored square. Label the white panel with vellum letters. Create candles to overlap the journaling panel with sticker strips and the ends of a carrot punch. (fig.5) Continue to decorate the Polaroid frames and overlays, one for each party guest to add to the book. (fig.6)
Sponsor: Fiskars

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