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Monochromatic Music Man
by Julie McGuffee for Fiskars

Dry embossing is a simple way to add elegance and texture to cardstock, vellum, foil, mesh and metals.

Materials Needed
12'" x 12" Cardstock - Off White
8.5" x 11" Cardstock - Black
12" x 12" Matte Scrapbook Photo Paper - Epson
Scrapboss Dry Embossing System - Fiskars
12" Euro Trimmer - Fiskars
Small Round Sticker Alphabets - All My Memories
Crystal Lacquer - Sakura
Black Photo Corners - 3M
Photo Mounting Squares, Foam Mounting Tape, Double Sided Photo Tape - 3M
  1. Emboss border around edges of 12" x 12" background paper. Emboss two sides, then turn paper to emboss pattern on opposite sides.

Cut center from background paper to create an embossed frame. Cut four, 1" wide strips of black paper then glue to the back of the frame around the center to create a 1/8 - 1/4" border.


To make music paper, scan sheet music then print on photo paper. (Paper can also be purchased.) This will become the background paper.


Emboss music notes onto a 2" x 11" strip of black paper. Use alphabet stickers to create a title and adhere on top of the rounded part of each music note. Following manufacturer's direction, squeeze Crystal lacquer on top of each letter then let dry. The lacquer is self leveling and will create a clear dome over each letter. Domed alphabet letters are also available at your scrapbook and craft stores.


Cut a black mat about 1.5" longer and wider than your photograph. Use stencil to dry emboss corners on the mat. Adhere photograph* to mat with black photo corners then adhere to page. Adhere title to page then add frame with photo mounting tape for additional dimension.


*The look of this photograph was created in Adobe Photoshop. A color photograph was changed to black and white then the contrast was altered to create desired effect.

Note: Two styluses are provided with the Scrapboss. For a deeper emboss, emboss design with the large end first then re-emboss with a smaller tip.

Sponsored by: Fiskars

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