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“Bailey – Age 3”
by Die Cuts with a View

Materials Needed
  Metallic Filmstrip
  Cardstock – yellow and yellow striped
  1. Take an 8”x8” square piece of yellow striped paper and tear approximately 3” off of one side. Adhere onto a piece of 8”x8” solid yellow cardstock with torn edge on top.
  2. Adhere two vertical 4”x6” photos onto the paper at an angle.
  3. Cut out three smaller pictures (approximately 1-1/2” square) from different photos and tape to the back of a metallic filmstrip frame. Adhere to the bottom of the page below the photos.
  4. Finish page by making a creative border with a pen around the perimeter of the layout. Handwrite the child’s name and age in the bottom right hand corner.

Product Tips for:


Metallic Embellishments
Can be sanded or stamped to give a different effect
Easily glued down with glue stick or another adhesive
Metallic finish, not metal, which makes it flexible and easier to manipulate and work with

Sponsored by: Die Cuts with a View

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