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To Have and To Hold
By Paula Hallinan for Heritage Handcrafts

Materials Needed

Brass Stencil – XL-10 “To Have and To Hold” window, Heritage Handcrafts


Brass Stencil – XDAH-153 “To Have and to Hold” saying, Heritage Handcrafts


6 x 9 Light box – Heritage Handcrafts


Stylus or embossing tool – Heritage Handcrafts


Sponge tool – Heritage Handcrafts


Pigment ink pads – Tusienko Circus Splendor pad


Finger daubers – Tusienko Sponge Daubers


Scrapbook page

  Removable Tape – 3M

Tape brass stencil XL-10 in place on scrapbook page using removable tape.


Dry emboss the entire design and all words. To dry emboss: place taped stencil and paper, stencil side down on light box. You need a light box to be able to see through the paper. Rub wax paper on the bask side of paper to help the stylus glide when embossing. Trace the outside edges of the open areas of the stencils and words. (Note: you do not need to “scribble” in the middle of the open areas of the stencil to make it emboss.)


Turn paper over, so that the stencil is now on top of the paper, Leave stencil taped in place. Using ink pad and finger daubers, tap into lightest color first. We used yellow and streaked color into center of two long windows and dotted into upper top “flower” window.


Tap new finger dauber into green and lightly swirl ink around the edges of the window designs. (Note: when an ink pad is new, tap off excess ink onto paper towel to prevent using the ink too dark.)


Use other colors layering them on top of previous colors; we used sky blue and darker blue.


To color words, use a sponge tool. Tear off a piece of make-up sponge, roll into a small ball, the size of a pencil eraser and clamp into the jaws of the sponge tool. Tap into the ink pad and begin swirling the sponge into the open areas of the words and letters. Continue until all letters are colored. Remove stencil.


If desired, use stencil XDAH-153 to stencil words around the edge of the page.

  8. Layer pictures and mount on page.
Sponsored by: Heritage Handcrafts

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