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Little Lizard Skin Purse Gift Bag
For Ellison by Jennifer Nardone

Materials Needed

Ellison Die-Cuts: #7 Bag, #1 Sizzlit-Button


Xyron – adhesive


Die Cuts with a View – green plain paper


Textured paper – reptile


Mrs. Grossman’s stickers

  Ellison – metal foil

Die-cut #7 Bag out of green card stock. Keep it remaining flat for ease of the embellishments.

  2. Die-cut handles of the bag out of green, textured paper. Extend the handle straps by cutting along the strap line into the bag area (about ¾” from the top).
  3. Die-Cut two small buttons from the Sizzlit #1 Button die using silver metal foil. Using scissors, cut out the centers of the button die cuts to create rings for the handles.
  4. Wrap the ends of the green, textured paper handles around the rings and secure with adhesive.
  5. Using the “U” shaped fallout piece from the leather paper handles, cut straight down the length of the “U” on each side so that you have two strips with one straight side and one curved side. Wrap each of these strips around the opposite side of the metal rings from the main handles. Attach the finished green, textured paper handles to the green card stock die cut handles.
  6. Cut the clasp off of the remaining piece of the green, textured paper handle die-cuts and attach on top of the green card stock die cut clasp.
  7. Using the straps from the green, textured paper, cut out two triangles and place in the corners of the bag.
  8. Die-cut two initials out of the Bounce alphabet using metal sticker paper. Place the initials on the front of the die-cut bag in a monogram style.
  9. To complete the bag, fold along the creases and secure with adhesive.
Sponsor: Ellison

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