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Epson Computer Tip: Using Ink Jet Transparencies on Scrapbook Layouts with Word

One of the hottest trends in scrapbooking is to use transparencies. There are may types of pre-printed transparency sheets you can buy, but why not create your own?

You can print titles, embellishments, and even photos onto special transparencies for ink jet printers. And it’s just like printing on any other paper.


1) Load the transparency in your print, right side up. Most transparencies have only one printable side. Follow the package instructions for the proper loading procedure.

2) Now “tell” your printer you’re printing on a transparency, so it will apply the ink properly. Go to File – Print.

3) Next, click on Properties.

4) One the printer driver’s open, click on the Main tab under Media Type. If you click on the down arrow next to the Media Type box, all your paper choices are listed. Choose Ink Jet Transparencies. If this option doesn’t come up in your printer, follow the package instructions on what setting to choose.

5) Lastly, select your Paper Size, under the Paper Tab. In the sample project we used letter size.

Note: Our background paper is a flowered pattern paper that can be found on our website: This and many other patterned papers can be downloaded from the site.


Sponsored by: Espon America

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