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The Chapman Family
By Lynn B. Krucke

Materials Needed

12 x 12 paper- “Cottage Crackle-navy” (Me and My Big Ideas)


Blue and yellow cardstock (Bazzill Basics)


Vellum- yellow


One-Step background stencil “Chintz” (Delta)


Decorating chalks- “glimmer” (Craf-T Products)


Chalk applicators (Craf-T Products)


PearlEx stamp pads- indigo, gold (Jacquard Products)


Alphabet stamp set (Hero Arts)


Spray bottle with water


Sculpey Flexible Push Mold- “sconce décor” (Polyform)


Premo polymer clay- ultramarine, orange (Polyform)


Oven thermometer


Index cards




Sculpey Super Slicer (Polyform)


3-D mounts (3M)


Chenille fiber- French navy (On the Surface)


Paper trimmer


Photographs (or color copies)

  Double sided tape pen (3M)

Cut a 3.5 inch strip from the piece of yellow cardstock.

  2. Use the chalk applicator to apply blue glimmer chalk through the background stencil. The texture of the Bazzill Basics cardstock adds to the authentic fabric look of the “chintz”.
  3. Mix ¼ package of ultramarine polymer clay with a pea-sized ball of orange clay. Mixing blue with its complementary color tones down (de-saturates) the ultramarine.
  4. Spritz the mold lightly with water. Press blue clay into desired area of mold. Trim away excess if needed.
  5. Before unmolding the embellishment, use a fingertip to gently nudge the clay away from the edges of the mold. This will ensure that the finished piece has smooth, neat edges.
  6. Flex the mold and remove the embellishment. Make more as needed. Highlight the molded embellishments with a small amount of gold glimmer chalk. Transfer embellishments to an index card.
  7. Bake the embellishments at 275 degrees F for thirty minutes. Always use an oven thermometer when baking polymer clay!
  8. Mat smaller photos with dark blue cardstock. Stamp names with gold Pearl-Ex ink.
  9. Mat larger photo with yellow vellum and dark blue cardstock.
  10. Mount “chintz” strip along right edge of 12x12 page. Add small photos.
  11. Mount larger photo in lower left corner.
  12. Adhere three fleur-de-lis embellishments above large photo.
  13. Use gold Pearl-Ex ink to color 3-D mounts. Allow to dry (you may use heat gun to speed drying, but be careful not to soften plastic)
  14. Adhere 3-D mounts at top of page and tie on chenille fiber.
  15. Stamp title above fibers with indigo Pearl Ex ink.
Sponsor: Polyform, 3M and Craf-T Products

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