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Decorative Window Card
By Julie McGuffee

Materials Needed

“Birthday” Rub Ons – Royal and Langnickel


4 x 6 “Design Your Own” Greeting Cards – Royal and Langnickel


Soft Pastels – Royal and Langnickel


Sponge Tip Stencil Brush - Royal and Langnickel


3 M Adhesive – tacky adhesive, vellum tape, double sided re-positionable tape

  Transparency Sheet (non-ink jet)

Remove the rectangle from the center front of the card. Carefully remove the die-cut pieces from the center and place them onto a piece of scrap paper. Tip: Place small pieces of double stick tape onto the paper first to hold the die cut pieces in place.

  2. Color each piece with soft pastels using the small sponge tip brush. Color around the edge of the window opening on the front of the card.
  3. Fold the card then place the die cut sheet back into the window opening. Place each chalked piece into the area where it was punched from and adhere with a small amount of tacky adhesive. Use a toothpick to apply to small pieces.
  4. Remove the die cut rectangle and your chalked pieces will be in the correct place.
  5. Cut a piece of the transparency sheet the same size as one panel of the card.
  6. Following directions on the rub-ons packaging, rub a saying onto the center of the transparency. Adhere to the back of the window with vellum tape with the saying toward the front of the card.
  7. Adhere the flap with chalked flower design to the window panel. Add a subtle area of chalk to the inside of the card then rub-on a greeting or another appropriate saying over the colored area.
Sponsor: Royal Langnickel

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