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By Lynn B. Krucke

Materials Needed


12 x12 cardstock (Bazzill Basics)

  Vellum (I printed a photo on mine but you can use a solid color if preferred)
  PearlEx stamp pads- copper, red gold, violet gold, interference violet (Jacquard Products)
  Leaf stamp (Hampton Art Stamps)
  Premo polymer clay- green pearl, gold (Polyform)
  Alphabet template (Provo Craft)
  Craft knife
  Pasta machine or acrylic clay roller
  Spray bottle with water
  Oven thermometer
  Index cards
  Paper trimmer
  Photographs (or color copies)
  Vellum tape (3M)
  Double sided tape pen (3M)
  Double stick adhesive dots (3M)

Ink the leaf stamp with several colors of PearlEx ink by tapping each pad on different parts of the stamp (overlapping and blending the inks is fine). Stamp leaf image on 12 x12 piece of cardstock. Re-ink and repeat to create a stamped background.


Tear strips from two shades of green cardstock and layer along lower edge of the base paper.


Mix equal amounts of green pearl and gold polymer clay to create a new shade of metallic olive clay.


Roll the olive clay out into a sheet approximately 1/16th- inch thick.


Dab different colors of ink onto the sheet of clay using the ink pads or your fingers. Highlight with the interference violet ink. Let dry.


Spritz the leaf stamp with water. Press into clay sheet to texture. Repeat to cover sheet.


Use alphabet stencil to cut letters from sheet of polymer clay. Transfer letters to an index card.


Bake the letters at 275 degrees F for twenty-five minutes. Always use an oven thermometer when baking polymer clay!


Print journaling onto vellum and cut to size.


Mat photo with cardstock and cut a piece of cardstock to go behind the vellum.


Adhere photo and journal block to page.


Use adhesive dots to adhere baked clay letters to page as shown.

Sponsor: Polyform, and 3M

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