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Epson Computer Tip: How to start with a digital page but end up with a page that looks traditional.

Are your interested in trying digital scrapbooking, but you’re afraid to give up the look you love: pages full of embellishments that show off your creative cropping skills?

Well fear no more – you can do it by starting with creating the foundation of your layout on your computer and scanner, print it out, all very digital to this point – then completing the page with the handmade, traditional finishing touches you love to add: die-cuts, texture, dimension and all your other favorite enhancements.

Wedding Page: using multiple digital techniques.

1) The background started with a scan of the bride’s dress and some of the wedding flowers. These scans were downloaded off a website called

2) Quite a few different photos were layered onto each page: those used for the backgrounds and for the focal points

3) What’s interesting is that the focal photos are black and white, the background photos are neutral toned

4) Some text added, with the printer and the text for the captions and journaling

5) The rest is all done with traditional 3-D embellishments: fabric, ribbon, and beautiful beads.

Baby Page:

1) Background started with a scan of the baby blanket from the same website, and a few more were added.

2) On this page, most of the text was printed along with the black and white photos, all in one pass

3) One was placed in a semi circle shape in a Word text box, made almost transparent and layered over the blanket.

4) Final touches also were 3-D: some buttons, letters hanging from a string and lastly cut out hearts, adhered with pop-up dots for more depth.

Sponsor: Epson America

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