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Epson Computer Tip: How to scan and use your kids’ artwork in pages.


Your young child comes home, beaming with pride over his latest art project, but you just don’t know what to do with one more masterpiece. Well here’s a solution to make every budding artist proud and lets you cherish these works of art forever.

Take a piece of art, scan it, and use the images to create an artwork album! By doing that you are:

1) turning each project into a manageable size, in stages and stitching it as needed,

2) archiving the art without the bulk

creating an album that truly will be a keepsake for each child in the future, and

4) if you print it onto archival paper using the right ink, stored in an album, it will last for hundred of years, something that the original piece of construction paper never would have!

And here’s another idea: take photos of your child holding their own masterpieces. This way you also capture your child bursting with pride, along with their actual work.

Sponsor: Epson America

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