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Epson Computer Tip: Instant pages for your heritage photos

Visit the Epson website called; there are heritage page backgrounds and matching embellishments created just for your prized old photos. You can download ready-to-print templates for free that you can print in either letter or 12x12 size.

These pages are a simple and creative jumpstart to putting old photos into a layout. Simply add your text or captions, as part of the layout or by printing some of the digital embellishments separately, then add your photos, and you’ve got yourself a finished layout.

You can choose to print out just the background, in letter size or if you have a wide format printer you can print it in 12x12. Then you could either adhere photos and text onto the background in the traditional way, or, create the whole page digitally by importing all your photos and text directly onto the patterned paper file in your computer. If you did this, you could print out the completed page, all in one layer.

Sponsor: Epson America

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