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Open Window Shutter Page
By Lori Pieper

Materials Needed

Open Windows by Deja Views Classic Squares Frame Natural Set #1 DP-110 UPC03543

  Open Windows by Deja Views Classic Squares Frame Blue Set #1 DP-110 UPC03539
  Details aluminum hinges with snaps by Making Memories Item #23224
  Fresh Verse by Deja Views FP-V4 Character, UPC040595
  Crimper by Fiskars
  Foam Mounting Tape by 3M
  Tacky Glue by 3M
  Photo and Document Tape by 3M

To create color blocked page, take two (kraft and blue) Open Windows’ page frames of the same pattern and trim blue page 4-5/8” from top to bottom. Mount large trimmed blue piece directly onto bottom (kraft) pattern.


Flip color blocked page over, and tape transparency film directly over window opening.


Apply foam tape on all four sides of large window opening. Adhere photo directly to foam strips to create shadow box. For added depth, add additional layer of foam tape on all four sides of window opening.


To create shutters, cut two 2-1/2” x 5-1/2” strips of brown card stock. Crimp.


Place hinges as shown, lining up inside edge of hinge with inside edge of large window opening. Adhere just the inside half of the shutter with tacky glue.


Slip shutter behind hinge, lining up inner edge of shutter with center of hinge. Adhere hinge to shutter and shutter to page.


Have fun embellishing smaller window openings with journaling, shells, etc.

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