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Shaker Card

Materials Needed

Royal Brush: square tri-fold card with square opening, alphabet and butterfly rub-on transfers & a square plastic shaker bubble

Fiskars: square shape cutter template, shape cutter tool, 1/16” round hand punch
Craft-T: creams
Other: purple cardstock, 4 brads, seed beads, buttons and ribbon

With the shape cutter tool and the square template, cut out a small square. Pick out the next largest square on the template and cut around the square opening on the purple paper. What remains is a square outline.

2. Punch out the center of the tri-fold card and discard the remnants. Adhere the purple square in the middle of the card to the paper under the opening.
3. Cut out a butterfly from the sheet of rub-ons and remove the backing. Using the stick provided, rub top the top of the transfer sheet onto the card. Slowly pull up the sheet to make sure the rub-on transferred. Cut out two more butterflies and transfer to the bottom left of the card. Cut out the letters MOM and transfer those to the top right of the card.
4. Use the creams and add a light amount of color to the outside edge of the card.
5. Open the tri-fold card and turn it over. Facing you will be a three square areas. The square on the left will have the part of the card we have decorated. The middle square will have the cut-out. The third area is blank. Place a solid line of adhesive around the center square opening. Next, put the plastic bubble in the center opening making sure the bubble pops through the opening. Make sure the bubble is adhered to the card.
6. Place seed beads, buttons and other ephemera in the bubble. Place a solid line of adhesive around the outline of the plastic bubble and then close the left portion of the card on top of it. Make sure it is sealed tight – otherwise the beads will fall out.
7. Tie ribbon around the spine of the card.
8. Use the letter rub-on transfers to write a message on the ribbon.
Punch a whole in each corner of the front of the card and add brads.
Sponsor: Fiskars

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